by Stephen Adly Guirgis
directed by Desdemona Chiang

June 14-30, 2012
Eulalie Scandiuzzi Space, ACT Theatre
Seattle, WA

Jesus Hopped the A Train is a stark and sobering examination of life, death, salvation, and what it takes to be a “good” person. The play revolves around the relationship between two prisoners at Riker’s Island in Manhattan, each of whom believes himself accountable to a higher law than that of the judicial system. Angel Cruz has shot the leader of a religious cult to which he lost his best friend. Lucius Jenkins is a serial killer awaiting extradition to Florida, guilty of the deaths of at least eight people, and during his incarceration, Lucius finds God. Assigned to protective custody at Riker’s, Angel and Lucius find themselves in close company each other during their daily hour of outdoor exercise. The two struggle and clash in their mutual guilt, innocence and faith in higher powers.

Richard Nguyen Sloniker as Angel Cruz
Dumi as Lucius Jenkins
Ray Tagavilla as Valdez
Angela DiMarco as MaryJane Hanharan
Patrick Allcorn as CharlieĀ D’amico

Scenic design by Deanna Zibello
Costume design by Kimberley Newton
Lighting design by Jessica Trundy
Sound design by Jay Weinland
Original music by Christian Lilkriz Beeber