by Don Nguyen

Sept 11 – Oct 4, 2015
ACT Theatre, Seattle, WA

In the idyllic setting of Martha’s Vineyard, a fiercely protective deaf man and his hearing ex-wife battle over the morality of an impending cochlear implant surgery for their daughter, which will restore her hearing. The conflict is exacerbated by the girl’s torn desires – caught between her parents’ deep-seated betrayals. Woven between the scenes a parallel story emerges, where we discover Alexander Graham Bell, 130 years earlier, whose obsession to find a cure for deafness in the same location leaves loss and betrayal of another kind. Sound is a deeply theatrical exploration into the worlds of both hearing and Deaf cultures to reveal the complex relationship the Deaf world has with the hearing.

directed by Desdemona Chiang

Ryan Schlecht as George
Lindsay D. Evans as Barbara
Cheyenna Clearbrook as Allison
Richard Nguyen Sloniker as Alexander Graham Bell
Liz Gibson as Mabel / ensemble
Andrew Wilkes as Mr. Pease / voice of George / ensemble
Jessica Kiely as Therapist / voice of Barbara / ensemble
Stephanie Kim as Audiologist / voice of Allison / ensemble

Scenic design by Adam Zopfi-Hulse
Costume design by Christine Tschirgi
Lighting design by Jessica Trundy
Sound design by Mariah Brougher
Video design by AJ Epstein