by Jacqueline Pruner

Who doesn’t like to mix things  up a bit? Enjoy one thing one day, another thing another day. For variety is the spice of life, they say.

Currently running October 23rd until November 24th, 2013 in ACT – A Contemporary Theatre‘s Eulalie Scandiuzzi Space are two distinct plays about sex and drugs that together form a rotating repertory. (Your Hedonista recently attended both as media.)

The plays?

A dark, double-billed duo put on by The Central Heating Lab and Azeotrope: Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp and 25 Saints by Joshua Rollins and directed by Artistic Associate Desdemona Chiang, these two plays follow the success of their critically acclaimed production of Jesus Hopped the A Train (2012 Gregory Award and Gypsy Lee Rose Award winners).

First, there’s Red Light Winter – a truly heart wrenching tale of a bizarre love triangle that takes place among a sweet geek, a broken beauty, and an apocalyptic asshole (yes, you read that right). Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Matt), Mariel Neto (Christina), and Tim Gouran (Davis) play convincing drifters in a world that’s as unkind as some of their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

The result: tragedy for all.

Second, there’s 25 Saints – a play with a six-member cast that includes the three from Red Light Winter(playing Tuck, Sasha, and Charlie, respectively), with the addition of the talents of Libby Barnard (Sammy), Mary Murfin Bayley (Duffy), and James Lapin (Sheriff). This play tells the tale of a meth lab on the outskirts of a small rural town in Southern West Virginia.

The result?

Once again, tragedy for all.

In sum, these plays are heavy, intense, depressing … but oh-so-good and well worth the ticket price.

Tickets start at $30 (plus a $5 processing fee). NOTE: Red Light Winter contains full female and male nudity and adult themes and is thus recommended for ages 18 and over, while 25 Saints is recommended for ages 14 and over.